Why Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution is Doomed to Fail {And What to Do Instead}

When the last sugar plums get put away, the diet industry comes out to play.

It’s the same every year – still hungover from weeks of holiday celebrations, and feeling guilty that we’ve “had too many treats” or “let ourselves go” again, we vow that this year will be different.

“I just need to go on a cleanse, so I can undo the bad eating I did over the holidays, and start eating clean again.”
“This is the year that I’ll be stricter with myself.”
“Maybe this new program will finally work.”
“I just need to find the perfect diet.”

So, we start subsisting on green smoothies and charcoal lemonade, and avoiding the Triad of Evil (gluten, dairy and sugar, obvs.) We lose weight, feel better, and think, “That Vincci chick has no clue what she’s talking about – I’M AWESOME!”

And then, whether intentionally (because your cleanse ends in 10 days – phew!) or unintentionally (you have to have a slice of cake at your grandma’s 90th birthday, there were donuts in the office break room, your roommate ate what you were planning to have for supper, etc.) within weeks (or days!) we’re back to where we started, beating ourselves up for being so “weak-willed”, and beating ourselves up even more for eating because we were beating ourselves up.

Rinse and repeat.

Sound Familiar?

Whether you call it the diet-binge cycle, being on/off the wagon/track, the yo-yo, all-or-nothing or black-and-white thinking, we’ve all been there. And no matter how much money, time, energy and willpower you throw at it, the end result is the same. Sure, you might lose weight for the time that you’re “on”, but is that (usually temporary) weight loss worth it for the deprivation, frustration, anxiety and guilt that comes with the package?

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To make things worse, the diet industry and health professionals alike often downplay how little control we actually have over our weight. Some estimates say that the role that genes play in obesity is 40-70%. In fact, going on any diet actually increases your risk of gaining weight.

So, What Can We Do Instead?

I get it. You really, really, really want 2017 to be your best year, and you’re convinced that losing weight is the way to get there. How else will you feel more beautiful, confident, healthy, loved, or whatever weight loss is supposed to bring?

Hold that thought. Listen to yourself.

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If you’ve been stuck on the idea of wanting to lose weight, ask yourself, “Why?”

Is it because of one of the reasons above? Is it because someone told you to? (If so, maybe get a little gutsy and ask them why.) Is it because you just thought that’s what everybody did?

Once you have your answer, challenge yourself – what else can satisfy that same feeling, without dieting or losing weight?

You might have an interesting New Year’s resolution on your hands!


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