20 Easy, Tasty and Healthy Ideas for Your Next Road/Camping Trip

20 Easy, Tasty and Healthy Ideas for Your Next Road/Camping Trip

Originally published June 24, 2015


Many people believe that it’s easier to focus on their health and eating in the summer – they’re more likely to be outside and physically active, the markets are teeming with fresh produce, and often there are fewer other commitments so people can focus on themselves and their health.

Still, summer isn’t without its, shall we say, “fun foods”. Beers on the patio, ice cream on hot days, deep-fried foods at Stampede, and camping trips filled with burgers, hot dogs and s’mores are just some of the not-so-nutritious choices often associated with warmer weather. I’m not here to tell you to not enjoy these foods in the summer, but sometimes you just want to switch it up with something that has a little more nutrients, y’know? (Or maybe that’s just the dietitian in me talking.)

Here are ideas for camping and road-tripping that are easy, kid-friendly and delicious, and will still give you the energy to enjoy your holiday!
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Nutrition Through Adulthood: Nutrients to pay attention to in your 20’s through 50+

Nutrition Through Adulthood: Nutrients to pay attention to in your 20’s through 50+

To me, the healthiest diet for anyone is one that includes a variety of foods, with an emphasis on plant-based, whole foods. However, there are certain nutrients that people of different age groups may want to pay more attention to…

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15+ Healthy Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

While most people have settled nicely into their back-to-school routines, I’m sure some new lunch ideas are always welcome. I’ve rounded up some of my favourites that I have come across over the past few weeks:
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Nutrition & Food Allergies

Food allergy or not, any eating pattern requires proper planning to ensure that nutrition needs are met. However, some common food allergies can lead to the elimination of almost entire food groups, and when there are multiple food allergies, the risk of missing out on important nutrients increases.
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2014 Nutrition & Food Trends… & Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe!

People often wrongly think of healthy eating as being boring or restrictive. My predictions for nutrition and food trends for the upcoming year prove that healthy eating can be delicious, and can mean including more healthful foods, as opposed to cutting foods out. Try incorporating these foods as one of your new year’s resolutions!
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Recipes: Julie van Rosendaal’s Maple Roast Pork Tenderloin with Apples & Chef Nicole Gomes’s Thai Penang Pork Curry

Last Sunday, I presented a cooking demo on behalf of Passion for Pork at the Calgary Home & Design Show. The theme was “Passion for Pork: As Seen on TV!”, featuring the recipes that local food writer/radio personality Julie van Rosendaal and Top Chef Canada season 3 competitor Chef Nicole Gomes prepared during Passion for Pork’s summer advertising campaign.

It was a lot of fun preparing the recipes, and the crowd loved them both. I was also happy to share some information about Alberta Pork and answer some great questions from the audience.
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Recipe: Matar Soy Paneer (Vegan Indian Peas & Tofu)

Last week, I had the pleasure of cooking with some lovely ladies as part of Ladies Get Active, a local initiative founded by two talented exercise physiologists dedicated to overall health – Dr. Ashlee McGuire and Morgan Craig-Broadwith. Within two hours in the community room at the Calgary Co-op‘s Midtown Market location, we created a delicious meal of Asian-Scented Tabbouleh (from Cooking with Foods That Fight Cancer), Matar Soy Paneer (from Andrea Nguyen’s Viet World Kitchen blog) and the ever-popular Chocolate Quinoa Cake (from Quinoa 365).

Ladies Get Active Cooking Class
Photo by Ashlee McGuire

I was a little nervous about “teaching” these ladies how to cook, especially since I’m sure many have been cooking for their families for many years, but I was happy that I was able to share some new skills in addition to the recipes, particularly chopping an onion and chiffonade. Thank you so much Ashlee and Morgan for including me in your amazing project!

If you’d like to find out more about the Matar Soy Paneer and try your hand at making your own at home, I’ve posted the recipe on my food blog.

May is… Love Your Lentils Month {Vote for me and you can win too!}

Cross-posted from Ceci n’est pas un food blog


I love lentils. …and I’m not just saying this because it’s Canadian Lentils’ Love Your Lentils month! Lentils are nutrition powerhouses. Most people know them as a vegetarian source of protein, but they’re also rich in fibre, folate, iron, potassium, magnesium and manganese, just to name a few. They’re great from a culinary standpoint as well. Unlike other dried legumes, lentils do not require soaking before cooking, perfect for poor planners like me, especially when you’re looking for some protein to round out a meal.

Green, brown and black beluga lentils can add texture to salad, soups, stews and other side dishes, while red lentils (which are actually green and brown lentils with the outer “skin” removed) cook down into a neutral-tasting mush, meaning that they readily take on the warm spices in daal or can be thrown into soups, stews, or even pureed into bread and cookie batters for a nutrition boost. Of course, the fact that 97% of all lentils in Canada are grown in neighbouring Saskatchewan means they’re a local choice!
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Recipe: Asian-Scented Tabbouleh

Asian-Scented Tabbouleh

A couple weeks ago I had the honour of teaching a couple cooking classes for Wellspring Calgary, a local non-profit organization for cancer patients and survivors that aims to offer services and support beyond those offered by public healthcare.

The theme of my classes was “Cooking with Herbs & Spices” – there is ongoing research on the possible antioxidant/anti-cancer properties of the active compounds and essential oils in many herbs and spices and people with cancer are often keen on learning how to incorporate more turmeric, cinnamon, cloves and ginger into their diets.
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Recipe: Maple Dijon Pork Tenderloin with Sautéed Apples & Cranberry Sauce

Cross-posted from Ceci n’est pas un food blog

Maple Dijon Pork Tenderloin with Sautéed Apple & Cranberry Sauce

A couple weekends ago, I had the opportunity to cook at the Calgary Home & Garden Show on behalf of Passion for Pork. Pork often gets a bad rap for being unhealthy – we think of pigs themselves as big, fat, lazy animals, and when people think of pork, they usually think of fattier cuts like bacon, sausage, pork belly and pork rinds.

I shared friend and fellow Passion for Porker Dan Clapson‘s recipe for Rosemary Kale Pork Meatballs with Sweet Tomato Sauce and a recipe for Maple Dijon Pork Tenderloin with Sautéed Apple & Cranberry Sauce adapted from Cook!, the latest cookbook from Dietitians of Canada.

Photo by Terry Lo

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