Success Stories

“Vincci was paramount to my success of completing Ironman Canada, Whistler 2015.”

“Food is a key component to most day to day living, and because my training schedule was very intense we needed to find the right balance for me. One of my goals for Ironman was to compete on organic, plant-based food/nutrition and so Vincci became part of my coaching team to achieve this very important goal. She was able to work with me during the year of my race and we were able to achieve the correct balance of food/nutrition for what is considered one of the most toughest Ironman events. The information I learned from having a Registered Dietitian I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The most important thing I learned was that we are all different and we all have to find the correct food balance that suits you. I cannot recommend Vincci enough, she really inspires you to keep trying to find that balance.”

— Simon C.

“I completed a half marathon… at over 50!”

“Vincci was the key to my nutritional success in achieving my personal goal of completing a half marathon (at over 50!!) She is very talented at evaluating dietary habits and suggesting real solutions that you find at a grocery store. Thank You Vincci! Additionally, Vincci has helped myself and my life partner manage our diet to prevent/delay hereditary type 2 diabetes.”

— Joy D.

“Vincci definitely took the stress out of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

“I had Vincci referred to me by a university friend as I was looking for a dietitian to help me with nutritional/life management information. Working with Vincci was an excellent experience, as I met with her and discussed medical conditions, fitness goals and life balance. As a shift worker with a young family, Vincci definitely took the stress out of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

— J.T.

“I was able to correct some very negative thinking in a short amount of time, leading to long-lasting lifestyle changes.”

“I came to Vincci struggling with my body image and my relationship with food; a consistent pattern of over eating made my life unmanageable. Vincci was able to successfully provide me with education, tools and accountability that, in a very short amount of time, with hard work has led to long-lasting lifestyle changes. I was able to correct some very negative self thinking. Thanks for the help!”

— Michael

“I’m confident that I’ve truly embarked on a lifestyle change.”

“Throughout my teens and early twenties, I developed a lot of bad habits surrounding food. In university, my days on campus were long, I was busy, money was tight, and it was easy for me to put off eating for hours. I quickly fell into starve-binge cycles, where I would exist on coffee and a handful of granola bars during the week, then pillage my parents’ fridge and pantry on the weekend.

Once I graduated and entered the workforce, this cycle continued. My size fluctuated wildly, I had trouble concentrating, and I always felt tired. In desperation, I cycled through many diets- low fat, low carbohydrate, not eating after 7 pm, weighing everything I ate, agonizing over every calorie- and nothing stuck.

I met with several health and nutrition coaches. I explained my history with dieting and bingeing, and made it clear that I wanted to get away from that style of eating. In all cases, I was sent home with a meal plan that reflected the latest fad diet, which often required cutting out entire food groups or buying expensive powders or supplements. I was incredibly discouraged- I wanted to get away from obsessing about food, not spend more time thinking about what I could or could not eat.

I had followed Vincci on Twitter for some time, and reached out to set up an appointment.

When we met, Vincci listened to my concerns, offered science-supported solutions, and suggested ways to break down the larger changes into small, easy to implement steps. There were no calorie restrictions, forbidden food groups, or supplements- just eating wholesome food, most of the time. Our follow-up conversations kept me on track, and Vincci was non-judgemental and a great problem solver when I ran into trouble.

Meeting with Vincci helped me improve my diet, normalize my eating habits, and knowing that I can reach out to her for support whenever I need to makes me less concerned about ‘falling off the wagon’. With Vincci’s help, I’m confident that I have truly embarked on a lifestyle change.”

— Kathryn W.

“Our appointment with you was the starting pistol.”

“Thank you Vincci for meeting with my 14-year-old son and me. Xavier was definitely ready to start eating better and our appointment with you was the starting pistol. He needed some food ideas and some strategies that he didn’t want to hear from me.”

— Gisele M.

“Vincci was able to provide multiple tools and resources for me.”

“Vincci is welcoming and friendly as soon as you meet her. She makes you feel comfortable even though it is difficult to ask for help when it comes to nutrition. She is knowledgeable in nutrition and cooking. This gives her an ability to give you creative ways in making healthy food. She is knowledgeable in spices and herbs which helped me to feel that healthy food does not have to be bland. Vincci was able to provide multiple tools and resources for me not only in recipes but for the mental connection that I had with food. I would recommend Vincci as a dietitian to anyone who struggles with nutrition.”

— Mandy O.

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