Why I Don’t Believe in “Lazy” {Plus, A Couple of Personal Stories}

I just wrapped up the first round of my *FREE* 10-Day 4-3-2-1 Countdown to Wellness Challenge (Sign up and try it yourself!) Creating, test driving and participating in the challenge has got me a little more aware and introspective of my own habits, so I thought I would share some of my learnings with you.

“I can never get or stay motivated when it comes to eating well. I’m just too lazy.”

Does this sound like you? Shhhh… I want you to strike that word from your eating vocabulary! There’s no such thing as lazy. Lazy is just a word that takes us to a dead-end instead of actually figuring out what‘s keeping you from moving forward, from achieving, from having something to live for.

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So, why can’t I get myself to do XYZ even though I know it’s good for me?

One of my secrets to healthy eating is to prioritize. Long story short, if eating well is not a priority for you, then frankly, it’s not going to happen. On the other hand, we can bend over backwards to do those things that are on the top of our priority list. In other words, it’s not a matter of laziness, it’s just that other things are more important to you.

If eating well is not a priority for you, then frankly, it's not going to happen. Click To Tweet

Sometimes you don’t even realize what your true priorities are – I don’t tell a lot of personal stories here, but here’s one that I thought would illustrate my point.

I recently realized how important my sister was to me when she asked to borrow my car for her driver’s test. I had a full schedule this week so I probably should’ve said no, but instead, I said yes. Not only did we have a crazy plan that involved her and my husband stealing my car from work in the middle of the day, prior to the test there were a few days where I got up earlier so that she could drive to school in the morning for practice before I took the car to work. I didn’t even think twice about saying yes to all of this, though I’m sure I would react differently if it was someone else.

Should I feel bad if eating well is not one of my top priorities?

As much as I think all dietitians wish that healthy eating is important to everyone, me shaming you for not valuing eating well as much as I do is not going to get us anywhere. However, if you have a goal that may be related to eating well, you have a decision to make.

Perhaps you decide to move eating well up (not necessarily to the top, but maybe up a notch or two) on your totem pole of priorities – what might you have to push aside, or say “no” to in order to make this happen?

Moving priorities around isn’t easy – Muay Thai has been a huge part of my identity since I started training over seven years ago, and as recently as the first quarter of this year, I was at the gym six days a week, for at least two hours at a time, training for a fight. I lost, and at the same time I started focusing more energy on my business.

Now I’m only at the gym two days a week (with the occasional dance or yoga class thrown in), and though sometimes it’s been hard to feel like I’ve “given up” on a major part of who I am, I’ve enjoyed not feeling the pressure to be at the gym, and having the flexibility to move in other ways that I enjoy. My business is also doing better than ever, which is pretty cool too. My weight is creeping up a bit as a result of this decrease in activity, and I’m learning to accept that it’s part of the adjustment to my “new normal”.

You can also decide that your other priorities do deserve the top spot over eating well, and that’s fine too. It just means you might want to step back and be a little bit realistic about what it might mean in terms of your health and fitness.

No matter what you choose, your decision is the right one.

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Is eating well one of your top priorities? If so, what do you do to make sure that it happens? If not, what would you have to change in order to move eating well up a spot or two on your list of priorities?

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