What Can A Dietitian Do For You?

What Can A Dietitian Do For You?

I know I wrote a blog post on this topic last year, but I thought it was worth exploring again, as a few weeks ago a client asked me, “So, what is your goal for your clients?”

I was admittedly caught off guard, so I sputtered something along the lines of how everyone has different goals, but the more that I reflected on it afterwards, the more that I realized that I do have a common goal in mind when it comes to the clients that I work with.



Now, before you start throwing nickels and dimes at me, I mean change as in the verb! And I don’t even mean a change in weight, let alone physique or appearance. There are so many factors that play into those things that are beyond your own control, let alone mine.

Every time a client sits in front of me, my goal is to change their knowledge, their attitude, their thinking and their relationship with their food choices, their eating habits, their body and their health. Because it’s those “lightbulbs”; those “aha” moments that drive us to change our habits, which ultimately leads to better health, wellness, fitness and quality of life.

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