Last week, I saw the documentary Embrace with some of my fellow dietitians. It was the perfect girls’ night in, and we all resonated with Taryn Brumfitt’s empowering message.

My original intention was to share a list of all the resources that I could think of to help you dive a little deeper into the world of body positivity and size acceptance. I quickly realized that the list would be LONG, and there’s so much out there that I haven’t taken the time to explore myself.

Instead, here is a short list of some of the resources that have impacted me the most on my own journey, as I transition from weight management specialist to anti-diet, body positive coach.

Read This: Intuitive Eating


I bought Intuitive Eating after I heard co-author Evelyn Tribole speak at a local conference five years ago. I remember she was a very bubbly lady who was just bursting with excitement at the emerging research around the approach, and how it was starting to gain acceptance within the scientific community.

I really enjoyed the book for its helpful analogies, as evidenced by all the tabs in my personal copy. Many concepts in the book informed my practice, even when I held incompatible beliefs like “some people need to lose weight in order to be healthy” or “you will lose weight when you start living a healthier lifestyle”. I’m looking forward to reading this again, now that my practice has evolved and I have more years of experience under my belt.

Next on My Reading List

Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN – This is literally next on my reading list, after I finish Playing Big by Tara Mohr. I first heard of Rebecca when someone tagged her when I asked, “Can you be body positive and still want to lose weight?” in a Facebook group, and decided to purchase her book when Christy Harrison gushed about it on her podcast. It is so beautiful and colourful that I’m really looking forward to digging in, and I know there are lots of bonuses on the Body Kindness website.

Health At Every Size by Linda Bacon, PhD – Where the movement started. I have been resistant to reading this book because it has been panned by many healthcare practitioners and researchers that I respect. I will admit that I am sometimes uncomfortable with calling myself a “HAES® dietitian”, especially given some of my work and beliefs around obesity and bariatric surgery, but have adopted it as people seem to understand it more than “body positive” or “intuitive eating”. So, I should probably read the book myself.

Read This, Too: Dances with Fat

Dances with Fat

I follow mostly dietitians and other healthcare practitioners, so for me it’s helpful to see things from a non-healthcare perspective. Ragen Chastain is an ACE Certified Health Coach, but she is a fat activist and human being first. Her post in response to The Biggest Loser host Bob Harper’s heart attack has been making the rounds these past few days, but one of my favourites is her Ridiculous Responses to Quitting Dieting.

Also in My Browsing History

Association of Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) – ASDAH is the official organization behind Health At Every Size®. I recently became a member; they have excellent resources and insightful blog posts for professionals and public alike.

A Weight Lifted Blog – This is the blog for Green Mountain at Fox Run, a wellness retreat in Vermont. Led by dietitian Marsha Hudnall, Green Mountain at Fox Run has been a pioneer in the anti-diet, body positive space, and their blog has lots of great posts on gentle wellness.

The Moderation Movement – The Australian duo of dietitian Zoe Nicholson and trainer Jodie Arnot publish some of the smartest posts I’ve seen on Facebook.

Jennifer Rollin, MSW, LCSW-C – Jennifer is a social worker based in Maryland who writes powerful articles on body positivity and eating disorder recovery for various publications. She often reposts these on her blog.

Listen to This: Food Psych

Food Psych Podcast

My husband and I listen to podcasts during long road trips, and while we listened to Serial and a bunch of food podcasts, I wanted to find a nutrition one hosted by a dietitian.

That’s how I stumbled upon Food Psych.

Host Christy Harrison, a former journalist turned dietitian, does a great job hosting the podcast and exploring with her guests their own relationship with food and how that has impacted what they do today. It’s been a great jumping off point to explore the movement as I discover the work of some of her guests, who are all part of the body positive and size acceptance movement in some way. There are so many nuggets of wisdom hidden in each hour-long episode, that I would go back and listen to some again if there wasn’t such great new content every week!

Also on My Playlist

Reclaiming You – Sarah Vance is an ICU nurse, former fitness competitor and personal trainer turned body positive health coach. Her thoughtful advice comes with just a touch of attitude (she runs a Facebook group called BoPo Without the BS!)

Dietitians Unplugged – I love supporting podcasts by dietitians, and anti-diet, body positive dietitians to boot. In addition to interviewing guests in the size diversity arena, Aaron Flores and Glenys Oyston provide great commentary on subjects from Intuitive Eating to the portrayal of fat people in popular media.

Love, Food – Dietitian Julie Duffy Dillon’s podcast is different from most, in that she doesn’t often host interviewees. Instead, she answers questions on a variety of topics as they relate to HAES®, often from the perspective of food itself.

Listen to This, Too: Tell Me I’m Fat (This American Life, episode 589)

I was pointed toward this episode of This American Life from a (you guessed it!) Facebook group, and was totally floored by it. The stories are raw and heartbreaking, though *trigger warning* includes specific weights and describes some weight loss/drug abuse behaviours.


In the episode, Lindy West reads excerpts from her book Shrill – definitely adding that one to my reading list!

Glenys and Aaron did a great response to this for an episode of the Dietitians Unplugged podcast.

Give Me MORE!

My friend Jen Rawson (who is in the middle of sharing an excellent series on the principles of Intuitive Eating) shared her Top 5 Intuitive Eating and Body Positive Podcasts.

Lots of links at the end of this thought-provoking post by student and aspiring HAES® practitioner Karina Pinzon.

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