Like most people, I tend to treat my new year’s resolutions like a slow-cooker: Set it and forget it.

The bad news is, while setting and forgetting a slow cooker often yields delicious results (as long as you don’t forget it for too long), setting and forgetting your new year’s resolutions leads to nothing at best, and at worst, discouragement, self-blame and guilt for not doing what you set out to do.

So, as winter s-l-o-w-l-y rolls into spring, I thought it’d be a good time to do a check in on my new year’s resolutions.

My 2018 Resolutions

1. Resume Meditating and Journalling

I have gotten back to meditating in the morning (usually short bouts of 5-10 minutes right when I get up), but haven’t started journalling again, even though I’m itching to. I’m thinking about experimenting with making it a night time ritual so that I’m not taking up so much time in the morning.

2. Read at least a Book per Month

I’ve read seven books so far, which means on average I’ve been reading just over 2 books a month! It’s been awesome using the library again, though my strategy of putting holds on multiple books has always resulted me in having three books out at a time ? I even had to return a book once without even opening it. I don’t have as many active holds now, so hopefully the last few books will come at a more reasonable pace.

3. Treat Myself Every Day

I started the year tracking my daily treats, but have fallen off track with this. Usually my treats involve sleeping in, making chai or allowing myself to not do something.

4. Plan at least One Get-Together with Friends or Family per Month

I’ve been doing well with this! In January, I got together with some friends in their home, in February, I hung out with friends living and travelling in China, and more recently, hosted Easter dinner in my home. Of course, there were lots of dinner dates interspersed in between.

Easter potluck dinner

Easter potluck dinner at my house this past weekend

5. Learn and Practice Brush Lettering

I taught myself a bit watching YouTube videos, but admittedly have not been practicing the past few months. There are some workshops hosted by the new-ish Recess stationery shop that are coming up that I’m thinking of attending.

6. Cook from a Cookbook at least Once a Month

I am totally not doing this. In January we made a few recipes that we’d made before from my cookbooks, and last month I made some marbled tea eggs from Martin Yan Quick & Easy(Amazon Affiliate Link), but I’m definitely not making the conscious effort to meal plan using my cookbooks.

7. Practice Saying “No”

This is not something that I’ve been putting a lot of thought into, but I’m feeling less of the burnout and resentment that fuelled this goal, so I think that’s a good start. I’m definitely in a situation right now where I’m essentially saying a big “No”, and it’s bringing out all the feels, so it’s something that I still need to practice.

Perhaps the piece I would add to this is, think before saying “Yes”. For example, I have a habit of looking at job boards and recently saw a casual opportunity that I wanted to apply for, but then realized that it would take time away from my private practice and stuff I really want to do, so didn’t end up applying.

8. Use Affirmation in All Client Sessions

I’ve been trying to do this more, but it’s still not something that comes naturally for me—I worry that I come off like I’m cheerleading, or insincere. I’m currently reading the book Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness in a virtual book club with some other dietitians, and have noticed that some of my other motivational interviewing skills need work! So I think I will reword this resolution to Practice and grow my motivational interviewing skills.

9. More Consistent Marketing, Especially “Attract” and “Invite” Activities

I’ve definitely been trying to get in front of new audiences these past few months. I’ve been writing for WellSeek, was on CBC Radio, and was recently featured in a listing of eating disorder specialists with marginalized identities. I’ve also been more conscious of inviting people to work with me in my newsletter and social media.

Still, I really don’t have much of a marketing plan and I think that this is a part of my business that needs more work.

10. Learn How to Use Analytics More Effectively

Definitely not doing this, and wondering if I should let this goal go for now, given everything else that’s on my plate.

11. Get Adequate Sleep, Drink More Water, Move in Ways that I Enjoy.

No, no, yes.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the year, these are my longest standing goals, and I’m struggling to see why it’s so difficult for me to achieve them. Yesterday and today are perfect examples of how going to bed so late are affecting the rest of my self-care—I chose not to go to the gym last night and slept in more than I’d planned this morning because I was too tired. I’m hoping that having an evening ritual of journalling may motivate me to get to bed earlier, and decrease some screen time too.

In terms of drinking more water, I’m noticing that even when I feel thirsty, I’ll get myself water and not drink it. I think it has partly to do with the fact that I don’t really like cold water. Now that we have a water dispenser on our fridge, we’ve done away with our Brita jug, so when I fill up, I end up getting really cold water, and I don’t drink it. Perhaps I will try drinking from the tap, or making myself tea, and see if this might help.

What, if any, goals/intentions/resolutions did you set at the beginning of the year, and how are they holding up? I invite you to share in the comments below!

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