Updated May 4, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way that we shop for groceries. Between maintaining social distancing, navigating one-way aisles, and trying to touch as little as possible (including our face), grocery shopping has become a stressful and tiring experience (if it wasn’t already!) Curbside pickup and delivery services have become so overwhelmed that people have to order 1-2 weeks ahead, often to find many items missing or substituted.

While many independent grocers and farmers’ markets have stepped up to meet demand, this post highlights the restaurants, foodservice suppliers, and even breweries who have pivoted their businesses in the wake of the crisis.

Serving Calgary

(Listed alphabetically)

Alforno Bakery & Café

(Pick-up only for groceries, limited selection for delivery, no minimum order or fees) A recent post on Alforno’s Facebook page shows that the seating area at Alforno has been transformed into a makeshift grocery store, with produce, pasta, chips, San Pellegrino, and hand sanitizer. This article in the Calgary Herald claims that grocery items are available for delivery, but the menu on social media seems to show that it’s limited to bread, pastries, sandwiches, meal kits, and alcohol.

Atco Blue Flame Kitchen

(Pick-up only, no minimum order or fees) In addition to chef-prepared meals and baked goods that may already be familiar to those who frequented their café, Atco Blue Flame Kitchen is offering grocery items, wine/spirits, and household items in their online store.

Blink Restaurant & Bar

(Pick-up only, no minimum order or fees) In response to the pandemic, Blink has revamped their menu to offer fresh food boxes (that each come with a roll of toilet paper!), house-made baked goods and pasta, 50% off wines, and meal kits featuring some of their most popular dishes.

Calgary Grocery

(Delivery only, $50 minimum, $10 fee for orders < $150, free delivery for orders ≥ $150) Founded by a group of Calgary foodservice businesses in the wake of COVID-19, Calgary Grocery carries a wide selection of grocery items and pre-made meals.


(Pick-up and delivery, no minimum order, 15% off pick-up orders with coupon code CURB15) In response to COVID-19, CHARCUT and its affiliated restaurants have consolidated to CHAR Delivery & Curb-Side Pickup, including a “grocery” division called CHAR Provisions. The provisions don’t come cheap, but feature some of the signature ingredients used at the restaurants.


(Pick-up and delivery, no minimum order, 20% off pick-up orders) One of the first restaurants to offer a “grocery” service, Earls sells most of their items as part of packages to save you the headache of making a list. They also have meal kits, allowing you make your favourites at home, or you can order directly from the menu so that you can get your groceries with a side of takeout.

Elite Brewing & Cidery

(Pick-up and inner city delivery, no minimum order or fees) In addition to growler refills, groceries, and meal kits, Elite Brewing & Cidery has a selection of household items, including hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

Empire Provisions

(Pick-up and delivery, no minimum order, delivery fees vary by location and order size) Known for their pre-made meals and charcuterie boards, Empire Provisions has expanded their menu to include marinated meats, fresh produce, eggs, sauces, meal kits, and more.


(Delivery only. $50 minimum order, including 1 food box; free delivery within Calgary city limits, $7.50 for Airdrie, Cochrane, Elbow Valley, High River & Okotoks) Thank you CM Sin for this recommendation! F.E.E.D. YYC is a new business from the owners of Loco Lou’s delivering food boxes, a selection of add-on items, and alcohol to Calgary and area.

Fine Food Stop

(Pick-up only, no minimum order or fees) One of the co-founders of Calgary Grocery, Fine Food Stop is a restaurant distributor that is now offering grocery kits and individual items for home. Aside from the usual items, they have specialty pastas, cheeses, and charcuterie, though note that some of the units are quite large—they have 5L jugs of oil and vinegar, and spices are sold by the pound.


(Pick-up or delivery, no minimum order or fees. CW: Grocery kits are based on and named after popular diets) Using ingredients in their popular wraps and bowls to create their “Essentials” kits, Freshii‘s produce-packed packages (which give you the option to getting one of their popular sauces as an add-on) appear to target folks who are living alone. The selection is limited, so you’ll probably need to shop elsewhere in order to last a full week.


(Pick-up or delivery, no minimum order or fees) Like Earl’s, Joey has produce and meat packs for quick ordering, as well as meal kits for some of their popular dishes. They also have a wider selection of individual grocery items.

LOCAL Public Eatery

(Pick-up and delivery, no minimum order or fees, 10% off pick-up orders) Like other chain restaurants, LOCAL is offering a mix of individual grocery items and meal kits, including a caesar kit and other bar mixes to make your own drinks at home.

Made Foods

(Delivery only, no minimum order, free delivery for orders ≥ $80. CW: Targeted to “wellness” audience, nutrition information displayed prominently for prepared meals) In addition to their prepared meals, Made Foods recently added fresh produce and frozen meat boxes to their lineup.


(Pick-up only, no minimum order or fees) Moxie’s has two grocery packs available—a produce pack with 10 lb of seasonal vegetables, and a protein pack that includes their signature ground chuck burgers, salmon filets, and two full racks of ribs. They are also selling some of their housemade sauces and soups individually.


(Pick-up and limited delivery, no minimum order, $10 delivery fee) NOtaBLE recently reopened their kitchen to offer a limited selection of items and beverages, including a “corner store” with meats, dairy, eggs, produce, and house-made popcorn seasoning.

Prepak Meats

(Delivery only, no minimum order or fees) Another co-founder of Calgary Grocery, Prepak Meats is normally a restaurant supplier that has repackaged their product for home use. Their kits are huge, so make sure you have a lot of freezer space! In addition to meats, they also sell lasagna.


(Pick-up only, no minimum order or fees) An internationally-known foodservice supplier, Sysco has opened their catalogue to individual consumers. Aside from their produce and protein boxes, however, be prepared to feed a crowd! All of their other items are in their original units; it may be worthwhile to do a group buy with a few households and coordinate your own contactless delivery.

Serving Cochrane

Nourish At Home

(Delivery only, no minimum order, $5 for delivery in Cochrane, $10 for delivery in Bearspaw) Like Calgary Grocery, Nourish At Home is a business that sprung up in response to the COVID-19 crisis. They have a growing selection of grocery items, with an emphasis on local producers.

Community Flatbread Company

(Pick-up and delivery, no minimum order, $2 delivery fee) True to its name, this popular restaurant has taken to Facebook to serve its community with frozen meals, groceries, and alcohol in addition to its regular menu.

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Help me keep this list up to date! Please let me know if there are any errors, or if there are any businesses that I’ve missed in the comments below. What has grocery shopping been like for you since the outbreak?

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