Webinar: Marrying Eating Disorder Treatment and Care with Intuitive Eating Principles

Marrying eating disorder support and care with Intuitive Eating Principles

It isn’t always clear who is affected by an eating disorder and who isn’t. Due to the nature of the disorder, often individuals hide in shame or guilt, or may not be attuned to their experience. Through caring nutrition sessions, it becomes apparent that this person is living with an eating disorder, or variations thereof. You may find yourself at a crossroad—do I incorporate eating disorder support, or do we add principles of Intuitive Eating? In this webinar, Shawna will walk you through important criteria to consider when you are supporting your client/patient take the brave steps towards healing their relationship with food and body. Shawna will describe the crossroad, and help you and your client/patient decide which care plan to take and why.

You will learn:

  • Why consider eating disorder treatment and Intuitive Eating principles?
  • What is an eating disorder?
  • The effects of an eating disorder and how it affects readiness for Intuitive Eating
  • Introducing Intuitive Eating in the context of eating disorder recovery

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June 16, 2020

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