Stop searching for the "perfect" diet.
Start to feel good about food again.

Nutrition is a science, but eating well is an art. It takes more than counting calories and macros, or following the latest diet, cleanse or scientific study to feel healthy and well.

You deserve to discover the food choices and eating patterns that fuel your body, nourish your mind, and excite your tastebuds, so that you can stop stressing over every bite and start to feel good about food, eating, your health and your body.

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I was under the impression that I was ‘generally’ very healthy with my diet and exercise, and therefore frustrated with some gradual weight gain and the inability to get back to the weight I was most comfortable with.

[Working with Vincci] was very comfortable and I felt I could be honest and share exactly what I was eating (and drinking) without judgement. I also liked that I wasn’t pressured to make an entire lifestyle change, and cut things completely out of my diet. I learned through keeping a journal that my eating habits weren’t as healthy as I originally thought, which helped us to identify small changes that I could make that wouldn’t affect my lifestyle too significantly. I was able to come very close to a goal weight I had for a vacation!

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